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Who is the WQA?

The Water Quality Association is the water industry’s certifying body for performance-based product testing and water industry professional training, designation and certification. The WQA also holds it member companies to a set of ethical standards.

AlkaViva: WQA member /2007 and WQA Business Excellence Program Member

AlkaViva is the only water ionizer company to hold this designation. In fact AlkaViva is one of 32 members out the total 2,500+ WQA world-wide membership to be so designated.

What is the WQA Business Excellence Designation?

identifies and recognizes members who make a special commitment to business excellence, the values of WQA and to advancing the betterment of water quality. The Business Excellence Program recognizes those members that demonstrate an elevated commitment to quality at the highest level.

Our promise

AlkaViva’s WQA Business Excellence Program designation ensures you the highest level of professionalism, integrity, certification and expertise, all based in WQA performance-based standards for our employees and the products we sell.

You will receive the highest levels of expertise, performance and integrity in the service you receive.

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