Make the down payment and you’re approved!

No ApplicationNo Application
No FICO RequirementNo FICO / No Credit Check
No InterestNo Interest*
* a small one-time admin fee added
Flexible Payment DateFlexible Payment Date
Ionizer Ships ImmediatelyIonizer Ships Immediately
12 or 18 Mo. Payment Plans12 or 18 Mo. Payment Plans


Easy 3-Step Process

water ionizer financing with no interest

Step 1. Call Us!

Call AlkaViva Customer Support to make the required down payment.

payment plan for water ionizers

Step 2. Make the Down Payment.

We'll process your payment immediately over the phone and confirm the purchase.

water ionizers in house installments

Step 3. Sign the Contract and We Ship Your Ionizer.

You sign the in-house monthly payment plan contract
and we'll ship out your water ionizer the same or next business day.

Call us today to get your H2 water ionizer!

(775) 324-2400 and ask to speak to a Customer Support Specialist.*
* Please be sure to give the name of your dealer when calling.