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elita Pure Enhanced CT
elita Pure Enhanced CT
elita Pure Enhanced CT
elita Pure Enhanced CT
elita Pure Enhanced CT
elita Pure Enhanced CT

elita Pure Enhanced CT

SKU: 0019984

The elegant German design of the new elita Pure will complement any kitchen. Add in our unrivaled Ultra Water Technology, and you have the ultimate in filtered, alkaline, ionized, H2-enhanced water.

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elita Pure Contaminant Filtration

Removes virtually all contaminants (including heavy metals, pharma, chlorine, chloramine, VOCs etc.) up to 99.9%. Unmatched performance with proven test results. Contaminant Removal Test Results Here

.01M Micro-organism Filtration

Reduces virtually all microbial and other contaminants. Now there is ONE filter for both broad -based contaminants AND for micro-organisms removal. Micro-organism Removal Test Results Here

elita Pure Enhanced Properties

As well as filtering, the elita Pure creates ideal levels of hydrogen enriched water (H2), ionization (-ORP) and alkalinity (pH). Only the elita is capable of giving you the best water in all ways.

Creates Great Tasting Water

Recent advancements in the way water is treated means that nothing is added to your water. This in turn means great tasting water - just like nature Intended.

5 Reasons to choose elita Pure water ionizer

  • 1. Undersink convenience and elegance. Save counter space and clutter!
  • 2. The protection of UltraWater filtration. Other non-electric cannot match it. Our test results prove it
  • 3. .01M Micro-organism Filtration. Reduces virtually all microbial and other contaminants.
  • 4. Superior pH, ORP and H2 performance compared to other non electric ionizers.
  • 5. Affordable. Great entry-level way to drink super clean and healthy water.


Model elita Pure
Filter Technology Ultra Water Impregnated Carbon Block + Hollow Membrane Technology
Filter Origin USA (media) / South Korea (assembly)
Filter Replacement Method ERF one-touch lever method
Filter Replacement Interval Approximately one-year
Filter Capacity 700 Gallons
Installation Countertop with diverter / direct plumb
Temperature 5° C - 35° C / 41° F - 95° F
Water Pressure 1.5 kgf / cm2 - 7.0 kgf / cm2 - 21 - 100 psi
Flow Rate 1.5 - 2 LPM
Weight 6 lbs.
SKU 0019984
Included with the elita Pure:
  • AA Batteries (2)
  • User Manual
  • 1.5 m / 4.9 ft. White Inlet Hose (1)
  • Diverter Valve with Accessories (1)
Included with the elita Pure:
  • Bonus Detachable Outlet Hose (1)
  • Angle Stop Adapter (upon request only) / styles may vary
  • pH Reagent Drops


Consider 3 Important Things

Filter Performance

Hydrogen Production

pH and -ORP Production

Consider 3 Important Things

Filter Performance

Top alkaline water system performance requires more than

Hydrogen Production

Top alkaline water system performance requires more than

pH and -ORP Production

Top alkaline water system performance requires more than

The elita Pure Advantage.

The elita Pure is unique. It produces excellent pH by infusing your water with alkaline minerals, chiefly magnesium, which complements and balances the naturally occurring calcium. With the elita Pure, the pH alteration is more stable and the regeneration rate the fastest of any non-electric ionizer available. The elita Pure regenerates to pH 9 within one hour (competitors units require hours)!


Features elita Pure Others
pH pH 9 - 9.5 pH 6.5 - 7.5
ORP -400 to -500 mV About +400

Alkaline Water Benefits

Benefits backed by research.

Over 1,000 peer-reviewed studies show that molecular hydrogen - or H2 - has a therapeutic benefit in every organ of the human body and positively affects over 170 disease models and health conditions.

Ease your aches and pains.

Oxidative stress damages your cells, causing pain and inflammation. As we age, inflammation increases. Studies show that H2 neutralizes the damaging radicals. Drinking UltraWater can ease chronic and acute aches and pain.

Get your antioxidants - in your water!

Free radical damage causes oxidative stress and is one of the primary causes of aging. Oxidation causes iron or apples to “rust”. Antioxidants prevent or slow that damage. Unfortunately, anti-oxidants neutralize both beneficial and harmful radicals. Research shows the H2 in UltraWater specifically targets only the damaging radicals - making it the “ultimate” antioxidant.

Go longer. Go stronger.

ATP powers your cells. It is the source of your energy. Research shows H2 helps increase ATP production giving you more energy while decreasing lactic acid levels. Athlete? Exerciser? Just want more pep? UltraWater helps improve performance and recovery.

Drink more. Improve your health.

When H2 neutralizes damaging oxygen radicals, it creates water (H2O) - increasing your cellular hydration. Great tasting, silky-smooth, alkaline UltraWater is also easier to drink. When you drink more, you enjoy optimal hydration and better health.

Help balance your pH.

UltraWater is alkaline and ionized making it rich in naturally occurring beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium that help you alkalize and maintain a healthy pH balance.

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elita Pure Non-Electric Water Ionizer