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Germblaster Gen II

Germblaster Gen II


The GermBlaster (HOCL Generator) offers a combination of highly advanced technology and elegant design to provide ease of operation and excellent performance.

  • One Time Purchase. No Refills!
  • Do it Yourself in Minutes!
  • Anytime, Anywhere
  • Eco-Friendly
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Lab proven to EPA standards to kill 99.9% of bacteria, virus and other germs.


Effectively clean virtually any mess on any surface. Won’t harm finishes, you or your family.


Breaks down and neutralizes odors in seconds.

Kid, pet and all-surface safe.

No harsh chemicals, fumes or irritants. Non-toxic.

Good for the planet

No plastic waste. Non-toxic. Better for the environment.

Save money, time and hassle

No more having to buy a cabinet full of various cleaners.

5 More reasons
to choose

  • 1. Easy-Spray Diffuser – The semi-automatic Easy-Spray Diffuser is comfy to hold and does the work for you. A gentle squeeze sends a uniform blast of super fine mist out 3 feet, covering more surface area with ease.
  • 2. One Touch Operation – A gentle "tap" turns it on and illuminates the button with a soft blue light. A second tap turns it red activating the ElectroClean process. You’ll see bubbles and a soft blue light in the solution chamber.
  • 3. Automatic shutoff – When the ElectroClean process is complete, the button blinks and the germblaster turns itself off. You'll never waste a charge!
  • 4. USB charging – Charges with a universal USB-DC cable and port.
  • 5. Free voltage – Works on 110v – 220v.

How does germblaster work?

Using an advanced electrolysis design, ElectroClean Technology combines tap water, table salt citric acid and electricity to form a very powerful multi-purpose oxi-cleaner and disinfectant.

First it is an all-purpose surface cleaner which powers through household dirt and grime. Second it is a powerful disinfectant, sanitizer anddeodorizer. Lab proven to EPA standards to kill 99.9% of germs, bacteria and virus. No chemical residues. Just water.

Works any place any time!

Because it is such an effective all-in-one cleaner / disinfectant, the ways and places you can use the germblaster are only limited by your imagination!


Certificate No. R-R-hca-HC300
Product Name germblaster
Model Name HC310
Power Consumption DC 3.7 V
Power Supply AC 100-240v, 50/60Hz
Size Dimension 10.5” x 3” x 3”(H x D x W)


It does what we say…don't take our word for it! We have the EPA-required, independent, recognized certifications and testing to back it up.


Consider 3 Important Things

Filter Performance

Hydrogen Production

pH and -ORP Production

Consider 3 Important Things

Filter Performance

Top alkaline water system performance requires more than

Hydrogen Production

Top alkaline water system performance requires more than

pH and -ORP Production

Top alkaline water system performance requires more than


What is the lifetime for your product?

Like any product, lifetime depends on use. However we can say germblaster is designed of durable materials and if you follow the instructions, you will get enough years out of it to save a bundle on household cleaners!

Is it Safe?

germblaster creates a non-toxic, natural cleaning solution, that eventually converts back to water. Safe for you, kids, pets, and literally any surface you spray it on.

Do I need to use gloves using your product?

No. Neither do you need to wipe a surface down since the cleaning solution converts to water!

What is your warranty?

One year manufacturer's warranty covering parts and workmanship.

How long does the solution last?

If you follow the instructions, the cleaning solution will last up to two weeks. It never hurts to refresh it with a short 3-minute cycle.

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