Perfect Pitcher

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  • The Perfect Pitcher

    The Perfect Pitcher


    The best pitcher you can buy. Period.

    • Unmatched UltraWater filtration
    • Certified performance testing
    • Compostable Filters
    • Replacements fit Brita

    Cleaner. Greener. Healthier. Smarter. It’s perfect!


  • Perfect Pitcher Replacement Filter

    Perfect Pitcher Replacement Filter


    (Fits Brita™ pitchers pre-2015)

    An affordable, easy way protect yourself and your loved ones from harmful contaminants. Basic carbon filters used in many well-known brands reduce chlorine but little else. Our UltraWater filtration reduces chlorine, pharma, heavy metals including arsenic and lead, fluoride and many others, up to 90% or better. Many contaminants are reduced to 99.9%.
    Our certified independent test results prove this is the best pitcher filter you can buy.

    Capacity is 40 gallons - Recommended replacement filter is monthly.


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