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AlkaViva Ambassadors are ordinary people who are committed to living an extraordinary life by helping themselves and others achieve the best, including hydration!

The quality of water
in our body matters
to our health.

Steven J. Saltzman MD

Functional Medicine Practitioner
Researcher / Author

For over 25 years I have been giving my patients of all ages, alkaline ionized water.

Eric Sauer, NMD, RPh

Clinical Nutritionist
Naturopathic Consultant

UltraWater tastes great.
We can tell the difference. We feel better.

Taby Atkins

Youngest Certified Yoga Teacher
Cancer Activist / Vegan Chef

I discovered UltraWater after thorough research. It’s the healthiest water available today.

Dr. Floyd Atkins, Jr. DPM

Board Certified in Surgery
& Sports Medicine
Wellness Educator

You can feel the difference.
I think everyone should
have one for sure!

Sue Hitzmann, MS, CST, NMT

Somatic-movement Expert
Best-selling Author
Founder MELT

I have more energy
to do the things I love.

Kapono Nahina

Pro-Long Board Surfer
Alkaline Water Evangelist

UltraWater helps
me to help others.

Ashley Berges

Syndicated Talk-show Host
Author / Producer

If you are into
fitness, you need

Kusha Karvandi

Pioneer Vascular Occlusion Training
Owner, BFR Bands

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