UltraHome Whole House Water Filtration

Custom Whole House Filtration Systems from AlkaViva

One-size-fits-all whole house filtration systems make no sense.
Now you can have customized, effective and worry-free protection in three great options!


When you buy a one-size-fits-all system, you are either overpaying for filtration you do not need or you are under-protected. Worse, they cannot address your local issues.

The best approach to whole-home systems is to build them specifically to handle your unique water quality needs, in the perfect size to fit your home and water usage.

We offer three products which we can customize so you get the exact protection in the precise size you need.

Premium Whole House Filtration System

UltraHome Premium

Premium Offers broad protection against a wide range of contaminants found in treated tap water. Customize the Premium System to target specific contaminants in your water or the size to handle your needs.


Salt-Free Softener

UltraHome Salt-Free Water Softener

Salt-Free Softener Soften damaging hard water scale with our Salt-Free Softener. It's effective, eco-friendly and will last a lifetime! Compared to salt systems, it's less expensive with no ongoing salt purchases or replacement.


Ultra Home Combo

Premium + Salt-Free Softener

Premium & Salt-Free Combo The Combo offers you all benefits of the Premium and Salt-Free Softener - in one package. As with all our systems, we can customize it to target specific concerns and deliver the perfect size.